The iphone 5c is a disappointment

It’s basically raping their customers.. it’s offering the same old phone but with colors.. it’s like they are discarding their scraps with some colors on it and saying “here boy.. c’mere .. ” .. don’t be insulted.

This is the same phone as their last generation.. only you get a plastic colorful case instead of a truly protective metal case..This feels like a cheap way to sell off their over production units ..

As for the iPhone 5s .. not much to see here except from extra CPU horsepower when the iPhone is already not seeing apps using it’s full potential, so that’s not so big.. and a fingerprint scanner.. which is cool but I’ll have to wait and see when it’s been around a bit because I know biometrics… this could bite them… I’m going to wait a bit.

How to get a twitter feed using PHP WITHOUT using api 1.1 and without oauth

Hello folks! It’s been a while, I know =)

Recently twitter retired api 1.0 which was extremely useful and easy to implement. They’ve switched to API 1.1 which incurs mandatory authentication for every request as well as API limits. For many, this is fine and dandy but for others it throws a wrench in things.

For those of you who just want some easy to use code to pull a twitter feed, I present to you a little lunch time coding project I put together purely to give myself a chance to play with the amazingly awesome “Simple HTML Dom” class in PHP.

Simple HTML Dom makes it extremely easy to parse / scrape html without having to write complex regular expressions.. So what you see below is purely a demonstration of that.

Warning: This code should not be used in production, you risk getting your account blocked! This is PURELY for educational purposes.


How I fixed iMessage activation on T-Mobile

The other day I noticed that iMessage deactivated on my iPhone 4s ( ios 6.1.1 )  and every time I tried to enable it, it would say “Waiting for activation” and then would eventually fail. I tried all of the normal crap that I read in the forums but nothing worked!

Eventually I decided to poke around on the filesystem ( yes my device is jailbroken ) .. I happened across a file called and opened it up in my plist editor.. I noticed it had entries for ServerHost which read “” .. so I tried to do a host lookup on that but it wasn’t resolving properly.. so I tested it against apple’s own DNS servers and got back that it was an alias for .. in short the solution was simply doing a search and replace for and replacing it with then while imessage is disabled, I re-uploaded that plist file and re-enabled imessage.. viola, it activated immediately.

This same fix worked on FaceTime as well, the file for that is

If you’re not jailbroken then you may be able to iBackupBot to edit your iPhone back up files and then restore that backup to replace the modified plist files.


Good luck!

Why you should avoid instagram.. and be aware of others

Instagram was attractive because it was social.. you can char anything you want as fast as you want… but it’s become something where they love sucking up your content as fast as you can share it but when it comes to removing it as you would please.. you’re screwed…

I tried to write my own script to manage my own private account, I never shared it with the public… they hated it .. they took measures to block it … now even if I delete things too quickly MANUALLY they start ignoring my deletes.. you can only do so many things so quickly .. they don’t want to make it easy for you to remove your content.. the only easy way is to delete your entire account.. I don’t want that.. but it IS MY CONTENT… I want the ability to post it and have it gone when I want it gone.. I do the same thing with Facebook… don’t make me jump through HOOPS to manage my own material.. that’s insane.. add advertisements if you want to pay for your simple little joke for an app .. but don’t make it a hassle to manage my own content.. it was the ease that lead me to you.. the hassle is what makes many of us want to flush you down the toilet..

JOIN me if you think that Instagram needs to open up deleting bulk photos at once.. and via the web…

Perhaps we need to start a petition

Deleting instagram images in bulk with PHP – A PHP class for instagram!

I was very upset that Instagram wouldn’t allow me to delete all my images easily.. I wanted to clear it without having to do it one at a time.. Well I decided to learn my way around instagram and write a PHP class that allowed me to do a ton of stuff without oauth authentication.

This isn’t the actual class, but this is an example of how it’s used the way I wrote it..

The script can authenticate with instagram, search for users or tags, follow users, unfollow users, get a user’s full feed and also delete images.

I planned to add more functionality like adding comments, and yes even image uploading.. but my time is short and this was just a tool for me.. If you have questions about it, feel free to contact me =) .. I won’t post the PHP class online because it’s a violation of their TOS to do what this script does.. and it’s also likely to get you banned if it’s abused.

Creating a chat bot with php, xmpphp, openfire, kraken and cleverbot with support for icq, aim, yahoo, msn, hotmail, facebook chat and more

A long time ago I used to run a site called where I distributed a free perl script that would connect to ICQ and have conversations with them.. it utilized the elizatalk AI engine as it’s brain and then later a different system called MegaHAL.. it wasn’t until AOL came after me for violating their trademark in my domain name ( they own ICQ ).. so the party was over.

Today I happened upon a site called Clever Omegle ( ) and LOVED it.. It basically takes the random chat of omegle and marries it with the AI of to create something really entertaining.


Clint Eastwood at the republican national convention – RNC 2012

Yes I watched, and yes it was embarrassing in a way to see such a legendary man ramble on and talk to a chair for well over 10 minutes.

Clint Eastwood is 82 years old and has starred in nearly 70 motion pictures..  He, at his age, still maintains a rate of about 1 movie per year either on camera or behind it.  At that pace, and at his advanced age.. I think we can and should forgive him for any ramblings at the RNC.  He’s nothing if not passionate and I applaud him for that.  He has more energy and intelligence than many half, or even more than half his age.

So in the immortal words of Chris Crocker, LEAVE EASTWOOD ALONE!

Do you get spammed on your contact forms by bots? I might have some help for you

I’m a web developer and we’ve deployed hundreds of sites.. most of those sites have contact forms and all of them use google’s re-captcha system..  Recently the amount of spam has gone off the scale, some how these people are evading google’s captcha system.. whether it be by paying for a service or by some other means.

I decided to try to implement a few things:

1. I wrote PHP code to check the IP address against several RBL lists on the net.
2. I wrote PHP code to implement Akisment in Joomla, customizeable for each form.
3. I wrote PHP code to check them against the great botscout service

After playing around a while I decided the best order was RBL first because it has no usage limits, Akismet next because it also has no limits and then lastly botscout because it has a 300 check per day limit with an API key and only 20 without one ( keys are free ) ..

I still noticed some getting through however.. so I implemented my own checks.. I noticed that in 90% of the cases the spammer was using a phone number of 123456 or a zip code of 123456 .. so I had a simple if statement to check those fields.. that blocked a TON … but still the occasional one has slipped through..

Lastly, I implemented a honeypot field.. this is a field on your form named “url” or “email” ( those are most common ) and then hiding it via CSS.. if the form is submitted and that field is populated, you KNOW you have a bot because human viewers can’t see that field..

So after writing those two if statements, I added them to the top .. to my surprise, checking for 123456 and the honeypot field has blocked 100% of the bots.. they don’t even make it to the services I listed above..

If you’re interested in some code snippets ( php ) let me know and I’ll share.. If there’s enough interest I will write a Joomla plugin that implements everything I’ve mentioned.

Internet explorer, chrome and firefox can ONLY connect to https sites

A friend of mine had this issue and I spent about two days troubleshooting it via Yahoo messenger because he lives in Canada.. He was able to connect to https sites, but not standard http …

I had him try a number of things:

  • Reset IE8′s settings
  • Make sure security zones were set up correctly
  • Made sure no proxy was enabled, even in the registry directly
  • Re-registered a bunch of DLL files related to internet and explorer
  • Had him try in safe mode with networking
  • Had him try to create a new user and login so a new profile was in use
  • Had him telnet to a website on port 80, which worked .. he could telnet to that port so not firewall related.
  • I had him start IE without extensions
  • Had him run bleeping computer’s combofix utility
  • I had him run tddskiller

NONE of this worked..  So I asked him to install Fiddler2 so we could look and see what the browser was trying to do … low and behold, it WORKED.. Fiddler2 is just a simple proxy .. it routes all of your traffic through it and then goes out to the internet.. it shouldn’t have worked, but it did .. which was ODD ..

Long story SHORT .. if you have these symptoms … might you also have Avast Antivirus installed? .. if so, try disabling web shield and see if your browser works then ..

That was precisely his problem! I asked him to uninstall it and instead install the free “Microsoft Security Essentials” package.. it’s light weight and highly effective.

Joomla – Modify the name or link value in the pathway ( jPathway ) object

This is normally impossible to do because $jApp->getPathWay returns an object with the pathway items as protected properties.. you can’t modify them or even loop through them to build a new pathway array.

My dilemma is that I wanted to alter the link for one of the breadcrumbs to point to a different URL, I have my reasons so don’t ask =)

I solved it by casting the returned items object as an array, then reset the array to get rid of the funky named keys.. This left me with a very simple object to work with.. I was able to read out the existing values, search for what I wanted to replace and then rebuild the breadcrumbs with the altered data.