Accident on south 675 here in Dayton/Sugarcreek was the worst thing I’ve ever witnessed

Update: The driver of the firebird is named Brennan Eden and apparently he’s in ICU right now, I’m surprised he’s hanging on. Hopefully he pulls through.

Second Update: I added my own copy of the youtube video, but I added annotations to help point out a few things.. see the bottom of this post

Third Update: Apparently police had Brennan in custody 20 minutes earlier in relation to drug paraphernalia and an unopened alcohol container.

Fourth Update: Someone pointed out to me today just how lucky Brennan is that I reacted so quickly because of this… I had my cruise control on and I was locked in at 65mph flat, at that speed you’re traveling 95.333 feet per second .. if I had been even half a second slower to apply my breaks, I would have ran him over and been at least 20 feet past him .. Kind of freaks me out to think about that.

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This morning was like any other morning.. Up at 6:00am, out the door and on my way to work.

7:15am I am in the center lane heading to work like I always do when I noticed in my rear view this car moving VERY fast and passing cars on the shoulder, which was insane because the car to the back left of me was a police cruiser.  I had no idea what this person could be thinking flying by a cop doing easily 100mph.

The next few seconds were absolutely surreal .. the firebird lost control and hit the guard rail at full speed, which launched the car into the air under the overpass/bridge .. my guess is at least 10-15 feet, probably more.. His car hit the center concrete support beam and then broke / exploded into 3 large pieces and a few smaller pieces..  Part of the car came to an immediate stop when he hit the beam, part of it went off into the oncoming traffic and fortunately did not hit anyone, and then the rear of the car went on another hundred feet or so .. The driver ( un named at the time I write this ) was ejected a couple hundred feet and landed quite literally 10 feet in front of my car where I had just managed to come to a full stop.

When I saw this man there on the shoulder of the road quite far from where it began, I didn’t know what I was looking at .. I was in complete and total shock, I at first thought it was a seat from the car, or some other form of debris.. 10 seconds or so later I realized what I was looking at and I got out of my car as fast as I could, I looked back to see parts of the car in flames and people getting out of their vehicles..  I saw a cop, the same cop this man flew by .. getting out of his car and people running to the wreckage.. I yelled “He’s over here!”  and people came running.. He was miraculously still breathing but he was clearly a mess, he looked hardly anything like a person.

Within about 10 or 15 minutes, care flight arrived and they loaded the man and took off.. I was SURE he was gone by the time they arrived but apparently now, at last check nearly 8 hours later, he’s still alive and in critical condition and Miami Valley Hospital.

I’m fortunate, as are the others.. the amount of force needed to do this to a car, the amount of damage done and the sheer distance this man was thrown from his car.. it could have easily killed us if the debris didn’t land where it did.

My thoughts go out to him and his family..  He’s lucky to be alive, and I hope very much that it stays that way.


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