Clear your facebook wall entirely with Greasemonkey and Firefox Read more: Clear your facebook wall entirely with Greasemonkey and Firefox

The original script I had linked to in this article no longer works, I’ve since found another one that works ( only in firefox as of this update ).. However, it works exceptionally well and even supports the new facebook timeline!

I introduce you to Chronikaufräumer / Clear Timeline by TRG76

As I mentioned, this does not work on Chrome, but for those who aren’t faint of heart ..  Here are some basic instructions on getting it to work …

You’re going to be getting under the hood of this extension to make it work in chrome, but the first thing you’ll want to do is go download the minified version of jQuery which you can get from ..  Open that up in your favorite editor and copy it to your clipboard.

Now you need to edit the extension you just installed, isn’t this exciting? .. You need to find your Application Data folder .. if you’re on Windows 7 it will be something like this:

C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions

Once you’re there, you will want to sort by date so you can see the newest folder.. the folder names are obfuscated because Google hates you. ( true story, he told me once ).

Open up that folder, open up the folder inside that folder.. and then edit script.js in your favorite editor..

Scroll down a ways, right above “function parseUri (str) {” you will paste in the jQuery code you copied earlier… save and exit!

Now all you have to do is go to Tools->Extensions and then tick disable and then untick it to reload the extension..  You can now make use of it just as in Firefox! ..

Note: This is for the version updated on 07/26/2012 .. your mileage may vary or he may have fixed it by now to support chrome.. so test it first then try this if it doesn’t work.

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13 Responses to Clear your facebook wall entirely with Greasemonkey and Firefox Read more: Clear your facebook wall entirely with Greasemonkey and Firefox

  1. I noticed this script needs an @grant since GM 1.0. I’m not sure what to grant… any chance you know? Im running the latest FF and GM

  2. lonnie says:

    It shouldn’t require an @grant statement at all .. GM is supposed to auto-detect if @grant is missing.. According to greasemonkey’s own 1.0 changelog found at

    “For legacy scripts (which have no @grant line at all), Greasemonkey will try to guess what @grant lines you should have.”

    • oncehewasrubix says:

      thanks for that. I did manage to get it to “run” it would make all the expand/show more requests, and had a little tally next to the button “timeline (88)” and it would grow… “timeline (104)” up to about “timeline (108)” and just hang… I would go to my roommates computer and load my FB page and noticed it only rolled back to about Aug 16th. I was unable to get it to run any further back. I was using the “hide all posts in timeline” or whatever it’s called option.

      Dunno what the deal is.. Wish I knew more about scripting. Sadly I dont know much more than a little AS3, CSS, HTML, XML. :/ programing languages are frustrating to learn.

      Hey, I appreciate your help btw. Thanks again 🙂 I’m contemplating running the “Delete Everything” option.. I’ll let you know how that goes.

      • lonnie says:

        If you “delete all” without an activity log filter ( by type ) .. it will literally go hog wild and delete everything.. so be sure to choose what you want to nuke.

        The only thing it doesn’t do is delete images, but it should handle unliking things..

        And I know what you mean, I do code javascript and I’ve thought about forking this project off into my own to enhance it a bit but I just don’t have the time to deal with facebook constantly changing things =) I worked to get it running in chrome and I added some features that I passed on to the author which he added.. I modified mine to delete images for certain categories .. but otherwise the script works well so I don’t mess with it much.

      • lonnie says:

        By the way – Javascript is worth learning .. even if just for greasemonkey, you can do quite a lot of cool things with it.

        I use PHP, Javascript, Perl, C#,, Java ( nothing like javascript ) and some old legacy languages like visual basic .. just now learning objective c which makes my brain hurt.

        I leave the HTML and CSS work to our design team.. I’m the programmer, I make things work.. they make it pretty =) .. I would like to pick up AS3 though

        • oncehewasrubix says:

          “If you “delete all” without an activity log filter ( by type ) .. it will literally go hog wild and delete everything.. so be sure to choose what you want to nuke. The only thing it doesn’t do is delete images, but it should handle unliking things.. ”

          Thats the part that scares me. I noticed that GreaseMonkey is able to differentiate between pages it can and cant run scrips against, which is nice. Im a little worried about using the ‘Delete Everything” option mostly because the Hide Everything option wasn’t working very well. I managed to (manually) hide and unsubscribe from about 100 different likes, 300 more to go. I’m finally starting to see actual friends posts, but mostly I just want to get rid of the politics/guns/satire/sales/events/merch crap.

          ” I make things work.. they make it pretty”
          LOL! We dont just make it pretty 😛 There’s a method to our madness.
          I really should learn a language. I work at a cyber security company here in Los Angeles and have been nudged a few times to get on the AS3 bandwagon. If you’re familiar with Java (or is it java script) you should have no trouble learning actionscript.

          I’m on a different computer and just updated FF and GM. Im going to try again and see if it works from here. I had a little trouble finding the script.js file in …Data\Default\Extensions It just wasn’t there, so I’m gonna try on FF again.

          • oncehewasrubix says:

            So I just ran Delete Everything and it looks like it’s hung up on Aug 16th again… Deleted all my posts from today though… LOL

          • lonnie says:

            That is quite odd… it deletes EVERYTHING on mine … the instructions I wrote in this post, by the way, are for Chrome.. you mentioned firefox.. you might try installing chrome and see if it does any better with those instructions..?

          • lonnie says:

            lol well I can work with HTML just fine, I just prefer to stick with what I’m best at .. that’s programming and being a linux guru.

            The company I work for is Bitstorm Web …

            Some of the sites we developed:

            uses Joomla and K2.. the catalog was custom written by me

            Also uses Joomla, the “Find a Program” system was custom written by me

            Also in Joomla .. SO many custom things here that I’ve done.. a custom authentication plugin that ties into their back office system.. The “products we offer” on the main screen is a module I wrote that pulls articles and images from them.. the slider at the top is also a module I wrote… I also wrote the pump selector and distributor locator..

            I wrote their donation system, the “Wish Families” system, the events system and a facebook feed which isn’t there anymore.

            I wrote their pet adoption system, the pet sponsor system, the featured pet system and a system that automatically changes the site design for upcoming holidays..

            We put out about 50 or so sites a year.. all of those sites were designed in house, all of them are on Joomla and 90% of the sites we develop require custom modules/plugins/components ..

            It’s a fun job!

  3. lonefry says:

    I was able to run the latest version Chronikaufräumer in Chrome 21 on MacOS 10.7.4 with the Tampermonkey plugin (what I found when I searched the Chrome plugins for “Greasemonkey”) with no modifications. I had to constantly scroll to get it to find more stuff to delete, but it deleted all the way down — five years of content.

    • lonnie says:

      I don’t need to scroll down but I’ve not tried it since I installed tampermonkey, I never thought of it! thanks for the tip.

      • oncehewasrubix says:

        Looks like that worked for me as well. I’m using Chrome Version 21.0.1180.89, and OSX 10.6.8. I have to scroll which isn’t that big of a deal considering how much of a PITA it is to manually click all that junk.

        Thanks Lonnie and LoneFry

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