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Clint Eastwood at the republican national convention – RNC 2012

Yes I watched, and yes it was embarrassing in a way to see such a legendary man ramble on and talk to a chair for well over 10 minutes. Clint Eastwood is 82 years old and has starred in nearly 70 motion pictures..  He, at his age, still maintains a rate of about 1 movie per year either on camera or behind… (more…)

Do you get spammed on your contact forms by bots? I might have some help for you

I’m a web developer and we’ve deployed hundreds of sites.. most of those sites have contact forms and all of them use google’s re-captcha system..  Recently the amount of spam has gone off the scale, some how these people are evading google’s captcha system.. whether it be by paying for a service or by some other means. I decided to… (more…)

Internet explorer, chrome and firefox can ONLY connect to https sites

A friend of mine had this issue and I spent about two days troubleshooting it via Yahoo messenger because he lives in Canada.. He was able to connect to https sites, but not standard http … I had him try a number of things: Reset IE8’s settings Make sure security zones were set up correctly Made sure no proxy was… (more…)

Joomla – Modify the name or link value in the pathway ( jPathway ) object

This is normally impossible to do because $jApp->getPathWay returns an object with the pathway items as protected properties.. you can’t modify them or even loop through them to build a new pathway array. My dilemma is that I wanted to alter the link for one of the breadcrumbs to point to a different URL, I have my reasons so don’t… (more…)

Free Music Download Released – Not Soon Forgotten by Oneduality

Enjoy this free music download of my new song “Not Soon Forgotten” from my soundcloud page

Adding Joomla 2.5 users programmatically without sending the welcome e-mail

The code I’m sharing is a stand-alone script that can be ran directly from your browser, it doesn’t need to be added to a module or component, though the core functionality can be used in either of course =) This code was written to read an excel spreadsheet containing a username, e-mail and password. I wanted to create these users… (more…)

You can’t appreciate true love without knowing true pain, in the end the love you gain is worth the heart ache it took to acquire

Since I re-launched my blog, ( click to view archive of my original from 2005 to 2007 ) I’ve been tracking my search engine results and seen an amazing number of being googling for somethin I wrote back in 2004-2005 for my old blog.. so I thought I would re-post the quote in it’s entirety.. I originally posted it on… (more…)

Is Facebook involved in a scam against their own advertisers by using bots?

While skimming the internet this morning I came across a post from a company that makes use of Facebook advertising.  They noticed that they were getting charged for click throughs but were only able to verify 20% of those clicks with their analytics.. But what’s worse is that when they started logging those clicks, they found that 80% of them… (more…)

What a week!

This entry is just about me and my daily happenings.. feel free to skip it if you’re the casual reader who happened upon this by chance =) otherwise.. read on.

The importance of wireframing/mockups.. and some free tools to get you going

I’ve been in the web development business for several years now and I realize that everyone has their own process. All too often a designer will first jump straight into photoshop  and start piecing together a design they’ve thought up.  In the case of designers I know, they will do this with 2 or 3 designs and then present those… (more…)