Create new folders in SwirlyMMS!

Something I’ve noticed about SwirlyMMS for the iPhone is that after you have a large number of images in your inbox, it takes a long, long time for the inbox to even load up.

I know I know, start deleting messages Lonnie! well tough, my reason, or anyone’s reason for keeping messages in the app are not the focus of this discussion! So I’m going to give you a quick and dirty lesson on how to create folders and move messages around in SwirlyMMS!

Unfortunately this functionality isn’t built into SwirlyBBS, so we’ll have to get our hands dirty a little bit.  If you have SwirlyMMS installed, you’re already running a jailbroken iPhone, so that first step is already finished! nice huh? Read on!

The next thing you’ll want to do is get yourself an iPhone file management app for your computer, I prefer DiskAid for the PC, which you can download from .. and yes they do make a Mac version as well!

Next, plug in your iPhone and launch DiskAid!

In the lower left hand corner of DiskAid, you’ll see a drop down menu that is set to “DiskAid Folder”, click on that puppy and change it to “Root Folder” .. You’re going to get a stern warning from DiskAid, but just click ok and be on your merry way.

Browse to var->root->library->MMSApp->Folders  and you will see the same list of folders you see in SwirlyMMS!

At the top of the app, click the button that says “Create Folder” and make one that you’d like in SwirlyMMS, I created one called Archive on my phone.

The next thing I did was right click on my Inbox and choose “Copy to folder”, you can also just go in and and choose individual messages if you like, whatever floats your boat.  But you’ll be copying these to a folder on your computer.

Once you have the files copied, you can delete the files from your Inbox because now you’ll be going into the new folder you created, and you’ll be uploading them back to the phone ..


Launch SwirlyMMS and you’ll notice your new folder appears, and it’s fully functional .. the only difference is that the new folder won’t have an icon in front of it.

Let’s hope the Swirly guys add this functionality in future releases.


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