What a week!

This entry is just about me and my daily happenings.. feel free to skip it if you’re the casual reader who happened upon this by chance =) otherwise.. read on.

It’s been stressful because there’s a project that was due to launch on Monday but we had some last minute requirement changes dropped on us and a delay of materials being delivered so it’s become a final push to get things done.. The good news is we’ve hit the deadline for their board presentation.. unfortunately the launch is delayed because the new requirement adds about a week to the development time .. ( yes, a week ) ..

Aside from that, I was due to leave a little early for an appointment I had at 3:30, so I was set to leave at 3 in order to make it in time..  That’s I pressed send on two e-mails I was finishing up and Thunderbird replied by telling me it couldn’t connect to the server… uh oh.. the mail server is also the web server I manage.. uh oh, the web server is 25-30 minutes away from our main office..  I knew I couldn’t make it down there quick enough.. 30 minutes is too long of a down time any way.. so I rung up support where our server is colocated, which is fortunate since it’s my previous employer and I’ve known the responder since he was a wee thing.. but now he’s the jolly green giant… I digress.. by the time he got there and connected a monitor the system had rebooted itself and was at about 85% of a disk integrity check ..

After I asked him a few questions about the temperature in the data center and if the server felt hot at all .. it was 95% .. so I waited patiently for about 10 minutes and suddenly it came back to life! … I tested all the services.. and had time to make it out only 5 minutes late.. unfortunately that allowed no time to investigate the cause.. and this did happen once previously about 1.5 to 2 years ago..  My first suspicion was a potential hardware issue or over heating when it happened the first time.. but since it went so long without a recurrence .. I can’t help but think it’s software related.. it’s just hard to nail that down.. the logs aren’t particularly useful .. if it were windows I’d shrug it off.. =)

Anyway … the week from hell has finally ended, and next week should be relatively easy .. I have a meeting Tuesday, we have an intern starting from Scotland .. I love an accent! .. and most of the heavy lifting is done aside from this special requirement I need to nail down in the next week.. so I’m in a way looking forward to Monday.. this week I found myself waking up a bit later than usual because I knew each day would be a tough one.. but as always.. you just gotta press forward and make the client happy.. that’s the only reason we exist .. to do right by those that entrust you with their business… RESPECT that always and you’ll do fine.


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