Internet explorer, chrome and firefox can ONLY connect to https sites

A friend of mine had this issue and I spent about two days troubleshooting it via Yahoo messenger because he lives in Canada.. He was able to connect to https sites, but not standard http …

I had him try a number of things:

  • Reset IE8’s settings
  • Make sure security zones were set up correctly
  • Made sure no proxy was enabled, even in the registry directly
  • Re-registered a bunch of DLL files related to internet and explorer
  • Had him try in safe mode with networking
  • Had him try to create a new user and login so a new profile was in use
  • Had him telnet to a website on port 80, which worked .. he could telnet to that port so not firewall related.
  • I had him start IE without extensions
  • Had him run bleeping computer’s combofix utility
  • I had him run tddskiller

NONE of this worked..  So I asked him to install Fiddler2 so we could look and see what the browser was trying to do … low and behold, it WORKED.. Fiddler2 is just a simple proxy .. it routes all of your traffic through it and then goes out to the internet.. it shouldn’t have worked, but it did .. which was ODD ..

Long story SHORT .. if you have these symptoms … might you also have Avast Antivirus installed? .. if so, try disabling web shield and see if your browser works then ..

That was precisely his problem! I asked him to uninstall it and instead install the free “Microsoft Security Essentials” package.. it’s light weight and highly effective.

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  1. diego says:

    thanks man im uninstalling that avast right now, same problem

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