Monthly Archives: August 2012

Should you add keywords to your website to increase SEO? Google, Bing and Yahoo all ignore keywords.

But it’s worse than that. As Google tweaks  it’s algorithms used for organic search, many are shifting to Pay Per Click advertising as a way to get traffic to their site.  When working on Pay Per Click advertising you have to develop a set of keywords and it’s very often that someone will use the same set of keywords on their website… (more…)

How Tall is Too Tall?

heezy writes, How tall is TOO tall? Oracle’s answer, Heezy, Here are a few signs that you might be just a little too tall. 1. You remind people of a scene from Godzilla. 2. You need a seperate bed for your feet. 3. You have to bend down to walk through a door. 4. Ceiling fans frighten you. 5. The… (more…)

The new digg v1 is out… and I’m quitting digg officially

The big problem with the brand new Digg is that it REQUIRES a facebook login, which may be temporary but for how long? who knows.. all I know is that I was a frequent member with my own specific Digg account not linked to any social networks.. And what about those who don’t have facebook? or live in a country… (more…)

Create new folders in SwirlyMMS!

Something I’ve noticed about SwirlyMMS for the iPhone is that after you have a large number of images in your inbox, it takes a long, long time for the inbox to even load up. I know I know, start deleting messages Lonnie! well tough, my reason, or anyone’s reason for keeping messages in the app are not the focus of… (more…)