Deleting instagram images in bulk with PHP – A PHP class for instagram!

I was very upset that Instagram wouldn’t allow me to delete all my images easily.. I wanted to clear it without having to do it one at a time.. Well I decided to learn my way around instagram and write a PHP class that allowed me to do a ton of stuff without oauth authentication.

This isn’t the actual class, but this is an example of how it’s used the way I wrote it..

The script can authenticate with instagram, search for users or tags, follow users, unfollow users, get a user’s full feed and also delete images.

I planned to add more functionality like adding comments, and yes even image uploading.. but my time is short and this was just a tool for me.. If you have questions about it, feel free to contact me =) .. I won’t post the PHP class online because it’s a violation of their TOS to do what this script does.. and it’s also likely to get you banned if it’s abused.

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9 Responses to Deleting instagram images in bulk with PHP – A PHP class for instagram!

  1. Brad says:

    Where in their ToS is bulk-deleting photos prohibited? I’m not seeing anything here:

    • lonnie says:

      Deleting in bulk is not against their ToS .. but this makes use of unofficial API calls and is also for all intents and purposes, a bot .. that can absolutely get you banned… you linked to their API ToS .. and their API doesn’t include the ability to delete at all.

  2. Hi. I’m about to delete my Instagram account permanently as their latest round of ToS regarding use of my images is simply unacceptable.

    I don’t really care if I get banned, I just don’t want to waste 2 hours deleting 600 pictures at 4 clicks each.

    I’d love to make use of the PHP work you’ve done if you’re willing and able to help.

  3. lewitje says:

    I would also like to use this if you could email me some instructions that’d be awesome!
    They honestly should give us more control over our photo’s.

  4. ruby says:

    Hi i really want to delete all my photos can u please help me?!!!!

  5. DEVELOPITY says:

    I wana buy your script….

    • lonnie says:

      It’s not for sale.. and it doesn’t work anymore anyway, but thank you for your interest.. I never sold code.. I only write it and share it when I think I won’t be sued 🙂

  6. Alex says:

    Is it possible that I get a copy fo this class as I really need it badly.

    • lonnie says:

      Unfortunately the code as is, is worthless now .. Instagram has instituted changes specifically to thwart what I was doing… perhaps not ME, but this kind of thing…

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