Why you should avoid instagram.. and be aware of others

Instagram was attractive because it was social.. you can char anything you want as fast as you want… but it’s become something where they love sucking up your content as fast as you can share it but when it comes to removing it as you would please.. you’re screwed…

I tried to write my own script to manage my own private account, I never shared it with the public… they hated it .. they took measures to block it … now even if I delete things too quickly MANUALLY they start ignoring my deletes.. you can only do so many things so quickly .. they don’t want to make it easy for you to remove your content.. the only easy way is to delete your entire account.. I don’t want that.. but it IS MY CONTENT… I want the ability to post it and have it gone when I want it gone.. I do the same thing with Facebook… don’t make me jump through HOOPS to manage my own material.. that’s insane.. add advertisements if you want to pay for your simple little joke for an app .. but don’t make it a hassle to manage my own content.. it was the ease that lead me to you.. the hassle is what makes many of us want to flush you down the toilet..

JOIN me if you think that Instagram needs to open up deleting bulk photos at once.. and via the web…

Perhaps we need to start a petition

2 Responses to Why you should avoid instagram.. and be aware of others

  1. Suleiman yousef says:

    So mass delete can’t be done?

    • lonnie says:

      It can be done by clever means but the PHP code I’ve written is no longer capable of deleting thanks to some enhanced security measures IG has put in place.

      Note to everyone: Stop emailing me for the code =)

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