Politics = Nonsense

I seem political but I’m not… what really is happening is that I choose to play devil’s advocate when I see something that is divisive or bipartisan for the sake of being bipartisan.. I think those kinds of things are horribly damaging .. people who tow the party lines just for the sake of getting their party elected into power … it’s ridiculous and we just won’t make it if we keep up with this.

I will be political for a moment…

Democracy came about so that the majority had a voice.. it’s a brilliant idea for governing a society but it’s horribly mutilated now.. it has nothing to do with majority rules… you now have to be of one political party or the other.. independents have NO chance… the majority isn’t what elects someone either.. they weight it by state.. it makes no sense at all.. it’s not about what the majority of the country wants.. it’s about what the most important states want…
When you throw in all of the corporate funding that goes on to pay for advertising their favorite political figure … how can you possibly call this a democracy?

No I don’t have a political leaning… I am just me… I look at it all from a bit of a distance and just stand shocked at the nonsense that it is … people bashing people because one likes someone different… it’s really demonizing… and it turns petty and childish every single time…

Sorry.. I had to rant a bit… forget political affiliation and stand by your principles .. vote for the person that represents that… and DO YOUR RESEARCH…. I once had a friend who voted for someone simply because their campaign presented itself as super christian… he didn’t know anything about an abortion scandal, or the prerson’s history .. he knew nothing about the person’s view on the issues.. he just cared that he went to church and seemed like a good guy … that’s INSANE .. Basically the worst person ever could decide to attend church and talk about god while on the campaign trail and win … that shouldn’t be…

We ALL need to do more research into the history of the people we elect.. and we need to do away with both the two party system, and corporate contributions.. if we do that.. we’ll get closer to what democracy should be..

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  1. lonnie says:

    I do love my country… and I stand by it .. I just think some serious reform is necessary

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