All good things must end

I don’t have time to log, that’s become obvious! but I have picked up new things 🙂 check out my youtube channel: for my deepfakes! and check out my new forum site at I’m keeping and just in case I feel inspired to blog or produce music again.

Back to the blogosphere I go!

Now I just need something interesting to write about, but don’t worry! I’m alive and well. Perhaps I shall get into the ins and outs of iPhone jailbreaks and tweaks?

The religion of the youtube fame

It really is like a religion, they gain fame and the fan base crowds against any nay-sayer while the person beyond the channel is making a small fortune ( I say small .. but some have made enough to give up their job while the rest of them work their asses off to support themselves.. and some of those same… (more…)

Politics = Nonsense

I seem political but I’m not… what really is happening is that I choose to play devil’s advocate when I see something that is divisive or bipartisan for the sake of being bipartisan.. I think those kinds of things are horribly damaging .. people who tow the party lines just for the sake of getting their party elected into power… (more…)

Upgrading from AMD to Nvidia, Code 39 .. driver corrupted trying to have a better oculus DK2 experience

I bought a new video card to make my oculus rift DK2 experience better… oddly enough pulling out my HD 7770 ghz edition radeon card and replacing it with the GTX 660 OC went fine … well it did .. but a couple of reboots later, things went afoul… my display dropped resolution and device manager was reporting that the… (more…)

Avoid A2 Cloud Hosting Like the Plague as a Business!

First let me say I’m biting the hand that feeds me, I’m a long time A2 hosting customer for my personal things and those are tiny sites that do little to nothing.. I’ve been a member for years and I’ve referred a TON of clients.. I still recommend them for their standard hosting accounts since I’ve had only one issue… (more…)

The iphone 5c is a disappointment

It’s basically raping their customers.. it’s offering the same old phone but with colors.. it’s like they are discarding their scraps with some colors on it and saying “here boy.. c’mere .. ” .. don’t be insulted. This is the same phone as their last generation.. only you get a plastic colorful case instead of a truly protective metal case..This… (more…)

How to get a twitter feed using PHP WITHOUT using api 1.1 and without oauth

Hello folks! It’s been a while, I know =) Recently twitter retired api 1.0 which was extremely useful and easy to implement. They’ve switched to API 1.1 which incurs mandatory authentication for every request as well as API limits. For many, this is fine and dandy but for others it throws a wrench in things. For those of you who… (more…)

How I fixed iMessage activation on T-Mobile

The other day I noticed that iMessage deactivated on my iPhone 4s ( ios 6.1.1 )  and every time I tried to enable it, it would say “Waiting for activation” and then would eventually fail. I tried all of the normal crap that I read in the forums but nothing worked! Eventually I decided to poke around on the filesystem… (more…)

Why you should avoid instagram.. and be aware of others

Instagram was attractive because it was social.. you can char anything you want as fast as you want… but it’s become something where they love sucking up your content as fast as you can share it but when it comes to removing it as you would please.. you’re screwed… I tried to write my own script to manage my own… (more…)