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Free Music Download Released – Not Soon Forgotten by Oneduality

Enjoy this free music download of my new song “Not Soon Forgotten” from my soundcloud page

Adding Joomla 2.5 users programmatically without sending the welcome e-mail

The code I’m sharing is a stand-alone script that can be ran directly from your browser, it doesn’t need to be added to a module or component, though the core functionality can be used in either of course =) This code was written to read an excel spreadsheet containing a username, e-mail and password. I wanted to create these users… (more…)

You can’t appreciate true love without knowing true pain, in the end the love you gain is worth the heart ache it took to acquire

Since I re-launched my blog, ( click to view archive of my original from 2005 to 2007 ) I’ve been tracking my search engine results and seen an amazing number of being googling for somethin I wrote back in 2004-2005 for my old blog.. so I thought I would re-post the quote in it’s entirety.. I originally posted it on… (more…)

Is Facebook involved in a scam against their own advertisers by using bots?

While skimming the internet this morning I came across a post from a company that makes use of Facebook advertising.  They noticed that they were getting charged for click throughs but were only able to verify 20% of those clicks with their analytics.. But what’s worse is that when they started logging those clicks, they found that 80% of them… (more…)

The importance of wireframing/mockups.. and some free tools to get you going

I’ve been in the web development business for several years now and I realize that everyone has their own process. All too often a designer will first jump straight into photoshop  and start piecing together a design they’ve thought up.  In the case of designers I know, they will do this with 2 or 3 designs and then present those… (more…)

Should you add keywords to your website to increase SEO? Google, Bing and Yahoo all ignore keywords.

But it’s worse than that. As Google tweaks  it’s algorithms used for organic search, many are shifting to Pay Per Click advertising as a way to get traffic to their site.  When working on Pay Per Click advertising you have to develop a set of keywords and it’s very often that someone will use the same set of keywords on their website… (more…)

The new digg v1 is out… and I’m quitting digg officially

The big problem with the brand new Digg is that it REQUIRES a facebook login, which may be temporary but for how long? who knows.. all I know is that I was a frequent member with my own specific Digg account not linked to any social networks.. And what about those who don’t have facebook? or live in a country… (more…)

The fed loans 9 trillion and yet they have no idea who to .. can you imagine? watch the video

I know this video is not recent, but it’s still shocking to me.. [youtube]

Clear your facebook wall entirely with Greasemonkey and Firefox Read more: Clear your facebook wall entirely with Greasemonkey and Firefox

The original script I had linked to in this article no longer works, I’ve since found another one that works ( only in firefox as of this update ).. However, it works exceptionally well and even supports the new facebook timeline! I introduce you to Chronikaufräumer / Clear Timeline by TRG76 As I mentioned, this does not work on Chrome, but… (more…)

Accident on south 675 here in Dayton/Sugarcreek was the worst thing I’ve ever witnessed

Update: The driver of the firebird is named Brennan Eden and apparently he’s in ICU right now, I’m surprised he’s hanging on. Hopefully he pulls through. Second Update: I added my own copy of the youtube video, but I added annotations to help point out a few things.. see the bottom of this post Third Update: Apparently police had Brennan in custody 20 minutes earlier in relation… (more…)