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Upgrading from AMD to Nvidia, Code 39 .. driver corrupted trying to have a better oculus DK2 experience

I bought a new video card to make my oculus rift DK2 experience better… oddly enough pulling out my HD 7770 ghz edition radeon card and replacing it with the GTX 660 OC went fine … well it did .. but a couple of reboots later, things went afoul… my display dropped resolution and device manager was reporting that the… (more…)

Why you should avoid instagram.. and be aware of others

Instagram was attractive because it was social.. you can char anything you want as fast as you want… but it’s become something where they love sucking up your content as fast as you can share it but when it comes to removing it as you would please.. you’re screwed… I tried to write my own script to manage my own… (more…)

Internet explorer, chrome and firefox can ONLY connect to https sites

A friend of mine had this issue and I spent about two days troubleshooting it via Yahoo messenger because he lives in Canada.. He was able to connect to https sites, but not standard http … I had him try a number of things: Reset IE8’s settings Make sure security zones were set up correctly Made sure no proxy was… (more…)

You can’t appreciate true love without knowing true pain, in the end the love you gain is worth the heart ache it took to acquire

Since I re-launched my blog, ( click to view archive of my original from 2005 to 2007 ) I’ve been tracking my search engine results and seen an amazing number of being googling for somethin I wrote back in 2004-2005 for my old blog.. so I thought I would re-post the quote in it’s entirety.. I originally posted it on… (more…)

Accident on south 675 here in Dayton/Sugarcreek was the worst thing I’ve ever witnessed

Update: The driver of the firebird is named Brennan Eden and apparently he’s in ICU right now, I’m surprised he’s hanging on. Hopefully he pulls through. Second Update: I added my own copy of the youtube video, but I added annotations to help point out a few things.. see the bottom of this post Third Update: Apparently police had Brennan in custody 20 minutes earlier in relation… (more…)