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All good things must end

I don’t have time to log, that’s become obvious! but I have picked up new things 🙂 check out my youtube channel: for my deepfakes! and check out my new forum site at I’m keeping and just in case I feel inspired to blog or produce music again.

The religion of the youtube fame

It really is like a religion, they gain fame and the fan base crowds against any nay-sayer while the person beyond the channel is making a small fortune ( I say small .. but some have made enough to give up their job while the rest of them work their asses off to support themselves.. and some of those same… (more…)

The iphone 5c is a disappointment

It’s basically raping their customers.. it’s offering the same old phone but with colors.. it’s like they are discarding their scraps with some colors on it and saying “here boy.. c’mere .. ” .. don’t be insulted. This is the same phone as their last generation.. only you get a plastic colorful case instead of a truly protective metal case..This… (more…)

How I fixed iMessage activation on T-Mobile

The other day I noticed that iMessage deactivated on my iPhone 4s ( ios 6.1.1 )  and every time I tried to enable it, it would say “Waiting for activation” and then would eventually fail. I tried all of the normal crap that I read in the forums but nothing worked! Eventually I decided to poke around on the filesystem… (more…)

Clint Eastwood at the republican national convention – RNC 2012

Yes I watched, and yes it was embarrassing in a way to see such a legendary man ramble on and talk to a chair for well over 10 minutes. Clint Eastwood is 82 years old and has starred in nearly 70 motion pictures..  He, at his age, still maintains a rate of about 1 movie per year either on camera or behind… (more…)

You can’t appreciate true love without knowing true pain, in the end the love you gain is worth the heart ache it took to acquire

Since I re-launched my blog, ( click to view archive of my original from 2005 to 2007 ) I’ve been tracking my search engine results and seen an amazing number of being googling for somethin I wrote back in 2004-2005 for my old blog.. so I thought I would re-post the quote in it’s entirety.. I originally posted it on… (more…)

What a week!

This entry is just about me and my daily happenings.. feel free to skip it if you’re the casual reader who happened upon this by chance =) otherwise.. read on.

The new digg v1 is out… and I’m quitting digg officially

The big problem with the brand new Digg is that it REQUIRES a facebook login, which may be temporary but for how long? who knows.. all I know is that I was a frequent member with my own specific Digg account not linked to any social networks.. And what about those who don’t have facebook? or live in a country… (more…)

Create new folders in SwirlyMMS!

Something I’ve noticed about SwirlyMMS for the iPhone is that after you have a large number of images in your inbox, it takes a long, long time for the inbox to even load up. I know I know, start deleting messages Lonnie! well tough, my reason, or anyone’s reason for keeping messages in the app are not the focus of… (more…)

Clear your facebook wall entirely with Greasemonkey and Firefox Read more: Clear your facebook wall entirely with Greasemonkey and Firefox

The original script I had linked to in this article no longer works, I’ve since found another one that works ( only in firefox as of this update ).. However, it works exceptionally well and even supports the new facebook timeline! I introduce you to Chronikaufräumer / Clear Timeline by TRG76 As I mentioned, this does not work on Chrome, but… (more…)